Founders: Jesus Christ & Pastor Jo Vah



A short summary of the work of God in JoVah's life


In loving memory of a true and faithful born-again Christian,
a predestinated son of the living God,
Pastor Jo Vah Joan Marie Journey felt it was a great blessing
to have received the Holy Ghost while coming up out of
the water baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
even more so, after she realized this put her
in the footprints of the beloved Master of us all.

Little did she know that JESUS had a special
calling for her future.
For he had placed her in the midst of the chosen ones
Much later in life, after the baptism,
the Lord called this one out of the world of sin,
into the world of Christ.

Through many Visions Revelations,
the Lord opened up unto her the Word within and without.
Pastor Jo Vah, nor her friends, neighbors,
of family realized her predestinated life in the ministry.
The Lord through His spirit, miracles, and revelations,
taught her what no human knowledge could teach.

Jesus called Pastor Jovah M. Journey
out to serve him in the early 60's, then
because of Him, she suffered many, many,
many things for His name sake.
Jesus called her to Pastor assembly in the early 70's
which was compelled by Him, to do His bidding
and not the bidding of mankind.
She being a woman of God in a woman's body,
in the time of women's lib, which she had no
part of at all. Because her freedom she found in Him,
the Man Jesus set her free by the cross many, many,
years ago. Jesus came and filled her
with His sweet Holy Spirit and caused her to move
and work for Him seeking His kingdom with
a heart molded and shaped by Jesus.
She helped every soul she came in contact
with whether saint of sinner.

She left her home in Pataskala and took
an apartment in Newark, Ohio and started
holding church services on 2nd Street around the 1970's.
And the people came, being helped by the Word of God
that He had imparted to her, and it grew
the where there was NO ONE to a membership to
about 35 people (which by the time Jesus took her home
was a membership little under 100).
Then being given by God to seek out a larger area
for the gathering of the church body, went to
57-59 East Main Street in Newark, Ohio
which at one time was a bar and later a bus station
and then became a Church building for Christ.
The name of the church at that time was called
The New Testament Church.

Then in 1977 to 1978 given by God's voice
for a name change to The Full Gospel Church of God
which she incorporated the church and signing it
Apostle Elect, which she was.And God told her,
When you change the name, I will give an increase
to the assembly and to you. God blessed the assembly
in one night of an increase of at least 16 people.
this was known fact because we are living witness
of this proof 18 years ago.

She also had 4 years of prison ministry in Junction City.
She did this happily, and helped to bring many souls to Jesus.
Which, she said, brought her into contact with the judges
as well as inmates. Which she was called on occasion
that her efforts on behalf of prisoners without families of homes,
resulted in lighter sentences.

This is one of the statements of many of the clippings
from The Advocate News, told of her story she gave and asked about
How do you feel about being a woman minister in a field
dominated largely by men!
She replied that she found being a woman no real hindrance.
There are those who argue from the Bible that women should not
enter the ministry, but Pastor reminds them of many
important way women ministered in the early church.
Their labors were acknowledged by no less a man than the apostle Paul.

She said she believed women are accepted in a field ministry,
such as her own, being a pulpit (as missionaries-but not pastors).
She loved the ministry of Christ as she carried for His names sake.
She said the Gospel I carry is the important thing,
and the people I minister to are important.
This was her life, serving Jesus first, and always working
to bring the people to see Jesus and the love he had for them,
with no comdemnation.  Jesus have her SONSHIP MINISTRY
which was not heard in Newark before Jesus took her there,
even with all the churches in Newark.

Along with pastoring and prison ministry,
she wrote the lyrics and copyrighted two records Rock of Rocks
and John the Beloved, both done in the year of 1976.
She also had a TV ministry on WSFJ, ACTV in Columbus
and in Springfield Ohio ( beginning early around 1978).
Pastor Jo Vah by God's voice kept on taping videos of God's Word
and all the ministry that was ministered in the church services
which also was being kept on cassette tapes,
leaving to the church library thousands of tapes along with
over hundreds of books donated by Pastor to the church library.
She also copyrighted in May of 1980 a tape with musical background
and the reading of Song of Solomon, which was very anoited,
one of many works done by God.
In 1986 she also copyrighted and published a book called,
The Lord's hidden Message in Money
It states this inside the books introductory helps,
( this book will reveal to you a truth never before seen
concerning the money you carry daily.)
This book will break the power of the '666' and bring you into
the Glory of the '777'.
This revelation has been hidden through the ages to be revealed in
these last days to fulfill for God all things that must be known
before Jesus comes again.
'How can you render unto God- still seeing Caesar?
You cannot serve two masters- God and Mammon (money).'

Look through the single eye of God and see the beloved Son Jesus.
This is so important to remember.
When the people saw only the image and the superscription of Caesar-
The Lord told them to render the money unto them.
Now let God know that you can see the beloved Son through it all!

Pastor Jovah also wrote another book which is now published called,
123's ABC's of God. Although Pastor Jovah M. Journey is no longer here
with us in the body, the Word says, to be absent from the body
is to be present with Christ. The teachings of Jesus and the dedication
of a holy and devout soul, that she was unto Jehovah God Almighty,
and the teachings that He imparted to her soul, which she imparted to all of us,
continues on. Great and small, rich and poor, near of miles away,
will never forget the love of God, Christ has left behind in our hearts.
Everything else she did, she did unto Him and through Him and by Him.
Whether it was building, it was unto Him, for instance her home in
the Mayflower addition, she built for Him a sanctuary room.
God told her, you feed my people, you don't bleed them and this she did.
While building the sanctuary she wrote all the books of the Bible
and His name on the pillars. Everything she did and everywhere she went
because Christ who was preeminent in her life, did a work through her soul.
Many of us were brought out of hell places, out of drugs, delivered of alcohol,
demon possession, mental breakdowns, brutal marriages, brought out
of poverty and slums, prisons, naturally and spiritually because of one
chosen out to know Jesus as our Deliverer and our Saviour.
Many miracles works by the Holy Spirit were done in and through her life By Christ.
Healings, raising of the dead, terrible accidents, the loosing of the limbs restored,
divorces, brought from death to life, souls delivered of shopoholic,
known to the world spending what they did not have. Pastor Jovah by
the Spirit of Christ taught the assembly not to go in debt,
only spend what you have, even being blessed by Jesus through her
three buildings to worship in, she never went in debt to where she could not
pay for it right away. This alone is a miracle work by the Holy Spirit.
She did not only have the miracles working in her life,
but she also had the fruits of the Spirit operating in and through her life
of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, You will know them by the fruits they bear.
We are witnesses on the Lord's behalf.
She ate from the tree of life that He gave her to share with each and everyone of us.

Praises be to God for when it came time to take her home with Him
we the congregation did not have to go to God and cry out for Him
to Forgive our pastor for sins that she had in her life while she was pastoring.
This again is a miracle life of Christ. He made her His priest ( Pastor)
and He (Jesus) being the High Priest that He is,
lived Holy unto the Father God Daily.

Pastor Jovah was blessed by God to have many vistations from
the Lord Jesus Christ. Even as a child in grade school God gave her a dream were
Christ revealed Himself and said, I've come to claim my bride and now I've found her.
The Word says He is coming after His church without spot or wrinkle.

As the years went on and she grew up not as one raised in Sunday School,
but God revealed to her that He was the Creator and she was over whelmed with
the reality of Him as the Creator. As her Christian life continued,
God opened up to her the reality of how much God the Father, love the Son Jesus!
Jovah was taken with the love between the Father and the Son, that it sent her
runing and she cried out to God that she would do anything to know a God that
could love like that. But God brought her to the garden prayer,
( This was after the vision that she saw of Christ standing in her kitchen
real as man before her.) He told her to pray Pray Thy will be done,
( for there is an adversary against God. )
Two more visions had a great impact on her life.
One was when she walked out of her Pataskala house and saw
the complete heaven with four chariots in all four corners of heaven.
It was a very beautiful vision all in red against the heaven's blue,
she said. I circled the house two or three times as it remained.
The Lord gave me His Word to explain the vision: this land is chosen:
here in America the Lord has His Jerusalem. God is here, she said.

The other vision happened in the early morning.
God woke me suddenly, and I looked out my kitchen window. Go to the east window,
God said. And I saw a star. The Lord descended from the star almost to
the rooftop of a nearby house. I thought of my children and that I was going
with the Lord, but then He went back up, she said.

He gave me to know that is was not my time yet.
But He will come for me, and I will go with Him when the time comes.
This was an article written in The Advocate of March 5, 1976.
The visitations of Christ to her were too numerous to record in this article.

She gave up everything and suffered the loss of her love ones to gain
the kingdom of God. She was blessed with two sons, Tim (of Hanover, Ohio)
and Kirk (of Pataskala, Ohio) Journey. And being that her Father was a carpenter
(Jesus) both of her sons are carpenters- home builders having God promising her
that she would see them in Glory. Also four grandchildren Timothy, Todd,
Kaycie, and Kyle Journey. Which are left behind for a time but not forgotten
for the love that abides in heaven. And we, the Full Gospel Sons church of God,
in Pataskala, and Newark, Ohio hold in great memory of one greater than a parent,
children, loved ones, because this one had a great calling,
Predestinated Son of the Living God,sent from heaven to Columbus
(a time of birth) then to Pataskala and there she knew Christ and then
to Newark where God would join us together by the love of God.

We glory in the Lord of a miracle life that He gave to her.
Praise be to God for evermore, Amen!

We are happy for her for she told one when it comes time for me
to go home with Jesus you will be happy for me,
for no longer will I be suffering up on the earth.
And praises be to God, for this is true, for now she is resting in Him,
for He took her home on July 12, 1991.

And we as the Full Gospel Sons church of God were left and blessed
with everything being given to us from Jesus and Pastor Jo Vah.
We want to use the talents as its speaks of in Matthew 25:14-30
and find us a good report of gaining more talents for Him
so the radio ministry and TV work is still continuing on for them,
then in honor of Christ. It has been increased since Jesus took her home
of radio stations, locally, WQIO 1300AM Mont Vernon and High Adventures
Radio Broadcast in over 240 countries. Praise be to God for the voice that
she carried for Him which the ministry of Christ was preached with anointing
and power and love and deliverance! It continues to go throughout the land for Him.
This program is called Journey for Christ in which she did Journey for Him
while upon the earth, the WORD OF GOD IS ETERNAL.

Praises and thanksgiving to our God, our Lord Jesus,
in rememberance of Jesus and His beloved pastor for all their great loving kindness
and of the love of God that was manifested in and through Christ in her soul.

Again thankyou God for the miracle life and all that you accomplished in
and through one's life in such a shot time. 

In 1 Thessalonians 1:3 We continually remember you before our God
and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love,
and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Also the last Psalms she requested to have read while still upon
the earth before going home with Jesus was Psalms 121:1-8 stated:

I lift up my eye to the hill- where does my help come from?
my help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot slip- He who watches over you will not slumber; indeed,
he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord watches over you- is your shade at your right hand;
the sun will not harm you be day, nor the moon by night.
the Lord will keep you from all harm-
He will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming
and going both now and forever more. (NIV)

Amen! Amen!

Jesus Christ laid the foundation of this assembly by His Spirit in
and through Pastor Jo Vah back in the 1960's in Pataskala, Ohio.
Pastor Jo Vah had to leave Pataskala for a season and God sent her into
the Newark, Ohio area where the Lord had her to hold Bible Studies in the home area.
In an area that seemed to have so many Assembly Buildings there was still a need
for Holy Ghost Sonship Ministry and that is what God had Pastor to carry for Him.
He did not have a board of Elders and Deacons waiting to support her
in fact there was no welcoming wagon in the so called Christian Realm at all
but that didn't stop her because JESUS was with her and He is enough!

After the bible studies grew from a two room apartment into
a house and then the Lord had her to seek out the owners of the Property of
57 and 59 E. Main St in Newark, Ohio, (known to us now as the Love Building).
The building had once been a bus station but had been boarded up and
the two owners/brothers hadn't spoke to each other for many years.
In fact if they came across one another on the street one of them would cross over
to the opposite side. But the Holy Ghost interceded through her soul and
they came together and agreed to rent the building to her in the early 1970's.
The flock that the Lord had given into her care was not rich by any means
and there was much that was needed to be done but as always God supplied.
He had her to sell a piece of land that was of an inheritance and purchased supplies
for the building. The bar was cut down to an alter and the restaurant side
was made into a sweet fellowship room. It was at this location that many of us
came to worship the Lord here. Later the Lord had her to buy this property for Christ.

JESUS had her to start Radio Ministry for Christ many years ago
back in the mid 1970's. In 1977 Jesus had Pastor Jo Vah to start The Video Ministry Program
for the Lord called " Journey for Christ which aired for Christ
on the local Christian Network for about 11 yrs. and aired locally
in the Columbus, Ohio until several years ago.
Journey for Christ is aired over Radio in Israel and also on KMTL Radio
in the United States.

In the 1980's there was a need to purchase another building
for Sunday School Classrooms and the Lord had Pastor to purchase
the property at 359 Buckingham Street in Newark, Ohio.
That is where we still gather for Services two times a week in the Name of the Lord!
Thursday Evening Bible Study and Sunday School Service.

In 1986 Jesus had her to purchase a building for Him
to hold services in the Columbus, Ohio area on Midland Ave.
Later the Lord had her to set in an associate Minister to hold services
for the Lord beginning in October 3, 1990.
Jesus had told Pastor that this one would be the first one
to go out as a Pastor under the Ministry of Christ that He had given her to carry for Him.

Keep in mind that at no time did God ever have her to go
into debt to the world for these buildings and when He took her home
to be with Him on July 12, 1991, they were all paid for in full.
This is a testimony to the Glory of God itself that He had given us
a true Shepherd that He had always to lead us to the Good Shepherd,
JESUS CHRIST! It was and is evident that Pastor Jo Vah was not here building
for herself but for CHRIST! The legacy that they left the Church was not buildings
but the Ministry of Christ that they carried for Him!
Sound Doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ that serves as our anchor
as we Journey for Christ through this world.
Knowing that Heaven is our home and in this world we are just passing through.

Jesus and Pastor Jo Vah set in four Overseers in Christ
before the Lord took her home of whom they tutored and trained under
the Ministry of Christ that God placed in her soul for Him.
We endeavor in Him to stay on course and follow His Teachings that
He poured in and through her soul by the Precious Holy Spirit of Christ!
The Teachings of JESUS CHRIST are Eternal and will never loose their power!

On a recent update the building in Columbus, OH on Midland Ave.
and The Building on E. main St. in Newark, OH has recently been sold as we
prepare to build a new Sanctuary in the Pataskala, Ohio area, for Christ.
We are currently holding Sonday evening services at the Pataskala location now.

Jesus told our Pastor that we are a predestinated Assembly,
to live in Holiness. We press on to the mark of the high calling that is in
Christ Jesus our Lord and we welcome others to join us as we continue on this
Journey for Christ!

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